Glens Falls Rotary Annual Fishing Contest

Every year, for over 40 years the Glens Falls Rotary Club in conjunction with the Glens Falls Recreation Department has provided a fishing contest for children 3 to 15 year of age.  They are grouped in 3 year age groups and we give prizes for the heaviest, longest and smallest fish for each age group.  The 36 plus prizes are tactual boxes, spinning and casting rods.

The Glens Falls Rotary Club provides the personnel to run the event and the Glens Falls Recreation supplies tables and the facilities of Crandall Pond/Park.  They also make the arrangements with the DEC to provide a truck load of fish.  They put the fish is in the pond on the Tuesday before the event so the fish can acclimate to the pond.  The fish they put in are 6 to 17 inch trout, pike, bass and perch.

 We also have a casting contest using targets painted by a previous exchange student to look like a fish and an octopus. 


 The most wonderful thing about this contest is we have about 200 plus children sign up for the contest and they are accompanied by parents, grandparents and friends.